Dr. Claudio Rabec

Dr. Claudio Rabec


Dr. Claudio Rabec, OSAS, Franco-Israeli Congress

Claudio Anibal Rabec, MD FCCP

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1960)
Graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1984)
Board-certified specialist in Critical Care Medicine (1994)
Board-certified specialist in Pulmonary Disease (1998)
Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians (2000)


Head of the Respiratory Chronic Disorders unit and Sleep Laboratory at the Tornu University Hospital at Buenos Aires, Argentina
Professor of Pulmonary Diseases at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Staff member of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division at the Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire de Dijon, Université de Bourgogne, France. Head of the non-invasive ventilation unit and respiratory sleep disorders laboratory unit

Responsible for the respiratory muscle laboratory.
Consultant in respiratory aspects of neuromuscular disorders.
Head of the pulmonary hypertension network in the French Burgundy area, federated at the French National Pulmonary Hypertension Network
Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Burgundy, France


  • Sleep disorders, mechanical ventilation (with special emphasis in noninvasive ventilation and long-term mechanical ventilation)
  • Respiratory chronic care with special emphasis in respiratory aspects of neuromuscular and neurological disorders.
  • Respiratory Home Care
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Respiratory critical care medicine

Clinical research interests

  • Aspects of noninvasive ventilation, especially in the field of development of new monitoring techniques for non invasive ventilation and both bench and bedside testing of new ventilatory devices,
  • Management of respiratory disorders during sleep
  • Neurophysiological, and mechanical explorations of the respiratory muscles.
  • > 40 publications indexed in Pubmed

Education ressources

  • Head of pedagogy Interuniversitary certification on sleep disorders
  • Teaching manager Interuniversitary certification on home ventilation