Dr. Alain Lurie

Dr. Alain Lurie


Dr. Alain Lurie, OSAS, Franco-Israeli Congress

Alain Lurie
Presentation: Over thirty years of mainly clinical, but also research and teaching experience in respiratory medicine (specialist in Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Medicine). Founder of the Hertford British Hospital Sleep Laboratory. Contributing author to research, review and educational articles, and medical textbooks.

Appointments: Internship, Paris hospitals; Senior Registrar (Chef de Clinique), Cochin Teaching Hospital, Paris – Respiratory Medicine and Internal Medicine; Respiratory Pharmacology Clinic Unit, Cochin Teaching Hospital, Paris, associated with IRT (the French Therapeutic Research Institute) (Phase II clinical trials for respiratory drugs); Sleep Laboratory, Hertford British Hospital, Levallois-Perret; Sleep Laboratory, Centre Médico-Chirugical Ambroise Paré, Neuilly sur Seine

Education: (University of Paris Medical Schools). M.D. level; MSc in Human Biology; Qualification in Statistics; Qualification in Respiratory Medicine; Qualification in Internal Medicine. Habilitation à Diriger la Recherche ; qualifications in Sleep Medicine : Diplôme Universitaire de Pathologie Cardio-Respiratoire du Sommeil; Diplôme Inter-Universitaire des Pathologies de la Veille et du Sommeil.

Awards: Scholarship, the French Medical Research Foundation (1983); Prizewinner, Société Française des Maladies Respiratoires (French Thoracic Society, 1984); Prizewinner, Internal Medicine, Cochin Teaching Hospital, Paris (1985).

Scientific and review articles; educational papers: Alain Lurie has contributed to more than 20 scientific and review articles and more than 10 educational articles in French. The last publication is Obstructive sleep apnea in adults. Relationship with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, Karger, Basel, 2011, pp 272. He was also co-editor of a book and a special issue of the European Respiratory Review and contributed as a co-author of book chapters.